Who’s Judging?


We’ve managed to find some excellent judges for the inaugural Startup Weekend Ames event. Each of these judges has plenty of experience in starting and building businesses from scratch, some even multiple times! They’ll be the ones deciding what the best ideas are after the final presentations.


Jordan Lampe is the Communications Director at Dwolla, one of Iowa’s fastest-growing startups. He’s been with the company almost since it started and knows a thing or two about what it takes for a startup to be successful.


Dan Shipton is currently the CEO of Change, an iPad app that is trying to make the cash register obsolete. Before that, he was CEO of Bitmethod, and before that, he was doing other awesome things!


Dr. Allen Bierbaum is currently the Vice President of Technology at Priority5, which means he has a hand in all of the technological activities of that company, and that’s saying something! Before that, he was the owner of another company and even worked as a research assistant at the Virtual Reality Applications Center at ISU.


Cliff Smith is currently the CEO of GlobalVetLINK. He is also the Founder and Principal of Arvo Partners, a strategic and financial consulting firm that assists private investors with identifying, recommending, implementing and managing strategic objectives that enhance value within the private companies they own. He’s also done quite a few other awesome things in the past, and certainly knows what it takes to make a business work.

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