The Team Rundown


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Below is our slate of eight teams that will be presenting at 5pm this evening and the order in which they will be presenting.

  1. Finddit – Geotag your stuff so that you can return later and find it.
  2. Propertly – Connecting tenants to their property managers.
  3. Voxtem – Allow businesses to communicate directly with their customers via SMS.
  4. Charitext – Sign up to receive SMS advertisements, with the revenue going to charity.
  5. ZenBin – A solar-powered talking trash bin that encourages proper litter disposal.
  6. Stinky Flowers Co. – Connects “economical flower shoppers” with florists who are disposing of nearly expired inventory.
  7. SpotVendr – Parking spot reservation system.
  8. Phonetroller – A web app to remote control computer games with your phone.

The top three teams, as determined by the judges, will be recipients of some pretty spectacular prizes! The presentations will be streamed online (watch here), and they are also open to the public.

Come see what’s been built!